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Johan Steller Photography

Fine Art Photographer


Mainly I am a landscape photographer, inspired by desolated landscapes up North.

These landscapes look empty, but as you see there are nearly always relicts and artefacts of human activity in present or past. I search (like an archeologist) for places and things, which are left by people and so enhance the feeling and atmosphere of desolation. Skies with threatening clouds or foggy weather will definitely add to this overall feeling. Beside this theme: cityscape and architecture inspire me, but also with a tendency to melancholy and abandonment. We (humans) are there, have been there. But where are we now in these scenes? Maybe the above mentioned also counts for my interior photography. A sense of the past is in it  and almost all of these rooms are just left by the inhabitants, only their stuff is there.


Started to photograph in my ‘early twenties’, inspired by my late father, who taught me the secrets and magic of the darkroom with smelly chemicals in the bathroom. Used a medium-format Mamiya 645 in those days, mainly shooting black & white, so I could manage the process from negative to print all by myself.

But then started a busy working career in Public Healthcare and photography slipped into the background for at least two and a half decade.

In my ‘early fifties’ after quitting the Healthcare, I picked up photography again, my still loved ‘Violon d’Ingres’. Got a professional education at the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam and Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, with a focus on architecture and landscape. Made a partial switch to digital photography, but still use a medium-format Fujifilm rangefinder camera for my black & whites. 

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Every photo on my website can be bought either in digital format (hi-res) for use as a stock-photo or as a high class print in formats up to 50 x 70 cm.

Prints can be printed as C-print or Inkjet-print on high quality archival paper from Hahnemühle.

Please use the contact page for further inquiries

If you consider a commission please feel free to contact me.

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